What To Look For In A Sex Crimes Attorney


There are many things to look for and consider when hiring an attorney to represent you in defending against a sex crimes charge. The first is experience.

Compare experience in the courtroom to experience on the football field. Often the best defense comes from someone who knows the other team’s offense. In any sports game, there is nothing better than having the offensive opponent’s playbook. In a sex crimes case, the prosecution is the offense. As a former Child Sex Crimes Prosecutor, I know the prosecution’s playbook and I know the means and methods the prosecution uses to seek convictions. I was trained by the government to investigate and prosecute sex crimes cases. I have also spent many hours at defense seminars on the art of defending against the sex crimes case.

In short, an ex-prosecutor will know the government’s playbook. Whoever you talk to about representing you, find out their level of experience and their case results; perhaps even get some examples of cases they’ve handled and how they won those cases. Only choose an attorney who specializes in criminal law and is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Do not choose an attorney based solely on price — remember you get what you pay for. My fees tend to be higher because I have the experience and dedication to put forth a strong defense.


The Family Man

I represented a Houston man who was accused of indecency by contact for touching one of his nieces. She was 10 and said the incident happened about a year earlier. To make matters worse her 12-year-old sister claimed my client also touched her. However, after interviewing my client, I learned that his job required him to work 12-15 hours a day and because he lived in a family of Hispanic origin, there were many people in his house.

I was able to show that the incident the girl discussed occurred when my client picked her up and carried her in his arms in a way that may have caused him to accidentally touch her buttock area one time, but there was no intent to satisfy any sexual desire. I went through my typical investigation, I interviewed everyone in the family who could have observed any contact he might have had with the girls and determined that he was never alone with them. He also passed a polygraph. INVESTIGATION CLOSED.

Often, children don’t understand the ramifications of what these accusations can do to someone. Even if a case is dismissed, or the person is acquitted, their criminal record will show their arrest and sexual assault charge, and that can destroy someone’s life or career.

The Military Officer

Once I represented a military officer who was married with three children, whose in-laws also lived in the family home. This person had no criminal record and had a stellar military career. One of his daughters had a friend who always came over to spend the night. One night, the daughter’s friend woke up scared and crying, claiming that someone touched her.

His teenage son was playing video games in a room adjacent to where the children were sleeping and someone would have had to walk through that room to get into the room where the girls were sleeping. The little girl claimed my client did it, even though the son said no one entered his sister’s room.

My client passed a polygraph and we fought his case, but the prosecution would not dismiss it. We proceeded to trial and we fought like dogs defending our client. The result was a hung jury, with 9 jurors saying my client was not guilty. Finally, I convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case.


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