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James Alston is able to use his unique experiences & knowledge to help get the best results for clients.


Former Harris
County Assistant
District Attorney

Assigned to the trial bureau, child abuse division and major fraud division (1994 - 2002).


Former Assistant
United States

Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas (2002-2006) - Federal Drug Prosecutor.


Board Certified
in Criminal Law

Only 1% of licensed attorneys in Texas have qualified for board certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Houston Federal
Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing a federal crime is frightening, dangerous, and risky. Mr. Alston takes his duty to defend his clients seriously and he develops a defense strategy to achieve the best result for his clients.

Houston Defense Attorney

James Alston is one of the most sought-after federal criminal defense attorneys in town. His experience and understanding that he shares with his clients to help them get an excellent outcome make him someone you should definitely consider for your case!

Our Skilled Federal Crimes Lawyers in Houston Can Assist You Today

Your future will be in the control of an attorney after being accused of a federal crime. Federal crimes greatly vary from State crimes. A federal crime is a criminal act that violates federal laws and regulations of the United States or a criminal act that is done against the U.S. federal government or on federal property. Our Federal criminal defense attorney on your side will provide full assistance in the courtroom if you have been indicted by the feds.

It is necessary to take both federal criminal charges and federal criminal investigations very carefully. You will face difficulties in federal prison if you are being prosecuted for a federal crime or have been charged with a federal offense involving fraud, computers, finance, taxation, insurance, or drugs.

Experienced Houston Federal Crimes Lawyers

Any federal case is a severe case in Texas because your liberty and your future are clearly on the line. There are different laws than in state courts. The conviction rate is greater. There are highly trained and well prepared federal prosecutors. Sentencing is tough. The experience and aggressiveness of your defense team will be crucial.

In any criminal case, the choice of defense lawyers is highly significant. However, it is important to work with an attorney who knows and recognizes the particular complexities and demands of this arena if you are experiencing federal criminal charges. Federal courts have different procedural standards than state courts, and rigid, complicated sentencing rules and procedures also make the effects of a conviction particularly serious.

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Differences in Federal and State Crimes

In nature, federal crimes can be highly complicated and are very distinct from state crimes.

Although state crimes consist of various frequently occurring offenses, since they affect federal or national interests, federal crimes typically come under fewer classifications or classes. Usually, state prosecutors also collaborate with local and state authorities while investigating crimes, while when designing and prosecuting crimes, federal prosecutors collaborate with agencies such as the FBI, IRS, ATF, DEA, and the Secret Service.

Federal cases are tried in various courthouses by different judges, relative to state cases. Federal cases often appear to be longer and more comprehensive, as federal agencies have more resources compared to state and deal with fewer cases.

Even though each state follows its own set of laws, only one Federal Criminal Code is followed by the whole country. For first-time offenders, penalties for a federal conviction are much harsher, with substantial fines, mandatory minimum sentences, longer periods of imprisonment, and restitution.

The Law Office of James Alston is committed to defending you against any type of federal criminal charge in any Federal District Court. Our federal criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the difficult laws through their expert team of attorneys.

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“James Alston is one of those rare people you run across who do a fantastic job and makes you feel like a friend is taking care of something for you. He is a master of what he does, his staff is always on the ball. James Alston is someone you can trust to provide the legal help that you expect. ”

Paul R.
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“James Alston knows the hurdles and challenges of legal defense. His decades of walking the halls of Harris County courts, strategic relationships, intentional partnerships, and docket handling has stood the test of time...I appreciate and value James techniques, diligence, knowledge, and care. Will forever be grateful and recommend James for years to come.”

Jay A.
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“you will not be

“It's a difficult situation when you need to find the right attorney to handle your situation, and there are countless attorneys who claim they can -- but never deliver. Stop looking now if you are considering James Alston to represent you, he is the best choice no matter what the situation.”

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“After discovering some of the positive reviews of Mr. Alston online I decided to give him a call for a consultation... Mr. Alston provided me incredible and prompt advice and didn't even charge me a fee for the call; Incredible service! I will bring any of my future needs to the Law Office of James Alston!”

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“Highly recommended this law firm. Couple of months ago I got into some serious trouble with the law and I needed a good lawyer...The first time we met, he made us both feel comfortable talking about my case and what the plan is for future court. Months later after going in and out of court numerous times, things finally worked out for me. Thanks to Mr.James for his patient and professionalism.”

It’s Andy
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He genuinely cares about the outcome of your case and does everything in his power to get the case dismissed... He is the best attorney in all of Houston and in the U.S.

Ingrid C.
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Board Certified
Super Lawyers
Board Certified
Super Lawyers

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Driving While Intoxicated




International Kidnapping


Not Guilty at Trial


Felony Drug Possession




Child Pornography




Civil Rights Violations


Not Guilty at Trial


Assault of Family Member



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James Alston
Houston criminal defense attorney

Attorney James Alston, with a background in both state and federal court, is recognized as one of Houston’s elite lawyers. He knows the criminal justice system like no other lawyer! His years spent observing prosecutors’ techniques have given him exceptional trial skills that help his clients get off with minimal prison time while achieving results when they go on trial for their crimes. Facing charges can be scary, but Mr. Alston takes his job seriously because he knows how important it truly is to protect people from harm.

You have a Constitutional right to an attorney. Experience counts, so make sure you hire a knowledgeable and proven attorney to defend your freedom.

Attorney James Alston is a Texas native who was born in Beaumont, Texas. He started his legal career as a prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office where he served for eight years and gained valuable experience.

He moved to the next phase in his illustrious career when he accepted an offer to become a federal prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office in Houston, Texas. James Alston was a member of the Organized Crime Drug Task Force where he investigated and prosecuted national and international drug trafficking organizations. His vast experience as both a state and federal prosecutor gives him very unique experience and skills as a federal criminal defense attorney in Houston.

James Alston

Analyzing Crimes On The Federal Level

Federal Crime Experience

The conditions below are regulated by numerous laws and procedures, and not all lawyers are licensed to represent clients at the federal level. It is important to have an accomplished Houston federal criminal defense attorney by your side when battling these types of charges and crimes.

While assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Task Force, Mr. Alston investigated and prosecuted national and international drug organizations. Mr. Alston has extensive experience and training in federal law enforcement investigative techniques including: Confidential informants, cell site tracking devices, title III wire intercepts (telephone taps) and surveillance.

If you have been arrested and charged with a federal crime, call the federal criminal defense attorney James Alston immediately for a free, in-person consultation about your case.

James Alston is committed to protecting and defending his clients’ legal rights. His goal is to pursue a favorable outcome by reducing or, in some cases, complete dismissal of the charges.

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Contact our Houston Federal Crimes Attorney

It can be an unsettling experience to be charged with a crime in federal court. When facing such charges, the only thing you can do is work with our professional Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to protect your rights and represent you in federal court.

Federal crimes, including heavy fines and probable prison time, carry severe penalties. Do not find yourself without proper legal representation if you have been charged with a Federal Crime in Houston; allow our legal team to represent you.


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