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“James Alston is an outstanding, bright and very ethical lawyer. When James was a federal prosecutor he dismissed a case, rather than go forward with questionable evidence. As a defense lawyer, James has shined. James is creative and he goes the extra mile. He looks for defenses where other lawyers wouldn’t think to look. He’s a fine lawyer and an honorable man.”

- Robert Fickman, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I’ve known James Alston for over a decade. After handling every sort of state-level criminal case there is, James branched out into federal criminal defense where he has found his true calling. Judges like James and clients love him. He takes his clients’ concerns to heart and helps them out of tough situations. Anyone charged with a state or federal crime would be well-suited to contact James Alston.”

- Peyton Peebles, Criminal Defense Attorney

“James is well prepared, thorough and knowledgeable of the law in his defense of his clients. He is an excellent attorney who zealously represents his clients in both State and Federal Court. I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves accused of a crime.”

- M.M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. James has decades of experience in state and federal court. He has seen it all and knows what he’s doing in the courtroom.”

- Joseph Vinas, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have worked with James on a case in federal court and observed him numerous times in state court, too, and been impressed!”

- Quentin Williams, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. James is an outstanding lawyer. He is dedicated to his clients and he is a zealous advocate for their rights.”

- Tyrone Moncriffe, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Alston as opposing counsel during my time as a prosecutor. He was always well prepared, very knowledgeable about the law, effective, professional and ethical, with only his clients best interests at heart.”

- Gregory Tsioros, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He had provided an Outstanding analysis and answers on several issues that I have taken note of and he is highly respected among his peers as a leader in his field.”

- Aaron Harper, DUI & DWI Attorney

“James is an excellent lawyer who works hard for his clients and achieves great results.”

- Billy Skinner, Criminal Defense Attorney

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