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Criminal Defense

What Is A Grand Jury How Are They Applicable In Federal Cases?

What Is The Process Of A Sentencing Hearing In Texas?

What’s So Bad About a Bounced Check?

When A Plea Offer is the Option, Does Sentencing Happen Immediately?

What Are The Different Types Of Bank Fraud?

What are the Penalties for Charges of Check Fraud in Texas?

What Is Deferred Adjudication Regarding Criminal Cases In Texas?

The Penalties For A Conviction Of Forgery In Texas

What Is Meant By The Kingpin Law And How Is It Applied To Criminal Cases?

What Is The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act?

What Are The Common Types Of Telemarketing Fraud That Occur?

What Are The Penalties For Bank Fraud?

How Do People Defraud Unsuspecting Consumers?

Is It Difficult To Defend Against IRS Tax Fraud Charges?

The Common Types Of Fraud Schemes That Occur

The Types Of Bankruptcy Charges Can Be Imposed On People

When Can A Person Be Charged With Credit Card Abuse In Texas?

Facts Surrounding Pain Management Clinics In Texas

Consequences For Kidnapping In Houston

When Can The Department Of Justice Seize A Piece Of Property From The Owner?

What Are The Different Types Of Securities Fraud?

How Often Do You Get Charges Dropped, Dismissed Or Reduced In Houston, TX?

Can My Prior Conviction Be Sealed Or Expunged In Texas?

How Does Probation Work In Criminal Cases In Houston, Texas?

What Type Of Witnesses Are Used In A Criminal Trial In Houston, Texas?

Are There Alternative Programs Available For First-Time Offenders In Houston, TX?

Are Police Officers Allowed To Lie To People During An Investigation In Texas?

How Does The Bail Process Work In Houston, Texas?

What Happens After Someone Posts Bail And Gets Out Of Jail?

When Do Miranda Rights Come Into Play During A Confrontation With The Police?

Why Is Hiring A Private Attorney Better Than A Public Defender?

What Does It Mean To Be Indicted In The State Of Texas?

What Should I Do If I’m Considering To Plead Guilty?

Am I Legally Obligated To Meet With The Police If They Contact Me?

How Public Will My Criminal Charge Become In Houston, Texas?

Does The Court Show Leniency To A Family Man With No Prior Criminal Offenses?

Federal Crimes

What Actions May Involve Alien Smuggling In Texas?

What Is Post-Release Supervision?

The Potential Penalties For Alien Smuggling In Texas

Is There An Affirmative Defense On Religious Grounds In An Alien Smuggling Case?

What Are The Reasons Of Filing A Federal Appeal?

What Are Federal Investigations?

What Is My ‘Status’ In A Federal Investigation?

How Does A Federal Investigation Proceed?

What Is The Best Possible Way To Handle Federal Investigations?

The Potential Penalties For Trafficking Drugs In Texas

Murder Chargers

What Different Categories Of Homicide Charges Are There Under Texas Law?

Consequences For Committing Murder In Houston, Texas

Healthcare Fraud

Consequences For Violating The Guidelines Of Pain Management Clinics

Harrowing Facts About Pain Management Clinics In Texas

Harrowing Facts About Pain Management Clinics In Texas

Consequences Of Medical Vehicle Fraud In Texas

What Kinds Of Medicare Claims And EMS Services Are Prohibited Under The Federal False Claims Act?

Penalties For Medicare Or Medicaid Fraud In Houston, Texas

Common Types Of Medicare Or Medicaid Fraud In Houston, Texas


How Is Burglary Defined In Texas?

What Are The Penalties For Bank Robbery In Texas?

Internet Crimes

Who Should Hire A Lawyer For Charges Of Illegal Internet Gambling?

What Laws Are Related To Internet Gambling?

What Are The Penalties For Phishing Convictions In Texas?

What Is Meant By Phishing Charges?

Financial Fraud

The Penalties For Charges Of Check Fraud In Texas

Why Should The Crime Of Bouncing A Check Be Taken Very Seriously?

The Issues Regarding Personal Financial Contribution Fraud & Schemes In Texas

The Issues Regarding Personal Financial Contribution Fraud & Schemes In Texas

The Potential Penalties For Money Laundering In Texas

What Is Considered To Be Insider Trading In Texas?

What Are The Different Types Of Political Corruption Charges?

What Are The Different Types Of Business Espionage?

Kidnapping Charges

How Serious Are Kidnapping Charges In Texas?

Sex Crime

What Is The Process For Registering As A Sex Offender In Texas?

Consequences For A Registered Sex Offender In Texas

What Mitigating Defenses Can Be Used In Child Pornography Cases?

How Often Are The Authorities Wrong In Child Pornography Cases?

What Are The Most Common Sex Crimes In Texas?

Why Would A Child Falsely Accuse Someone Of Sexual Assault?

What Makes A Child Pornography A Federal Case Or A State Case?

How Are People Penalized For Internet Sex Crimes?

What Are The Consequences For Child Pornography In Texas?

What Are The Penalties For Sex Crimes In Texas?


What Are The Long Term Consequences Associated With DWI?

What Alternative Programs Are Available For First-Time DWI Offenders?

Are There Additional Penalties If I Refuse The Breathalyzer Test?

Is My Driver's License Automatically Taken After A DWI Charge?

IIs It Best To Plead Guilty And Get Over With The DWI Case?

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