Federal Crimes FAQ


We handle all types of federal cases, but most often, we handle healthcare fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and drug cases, including federal drug cases.

What Are The Main Differences Between Federal Crime And State Crime?

The main differences between a federal and state crime are obviously that federal cases are in federal court and state cases or state crimes are in state court. The federal cases are governed by the United States code and the United States Sentencing Guidelines whereas state cases are governed by the Texas Penal code and those provisions.

Who Investigates And Prosecutes A Federal Crime?

Federal crimes are usually investigated by federal law enforcement agencies, which include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the DEA and Homeland Security. Those are the main investigating agencies.

What Are Some Mistakes That People Make In Federal Criminal Cases?

The biggest mistakes I see made are talking to law enforcement agents by themselves without representation by an attorney and making any type of statement to law enforcement without representation of an attorney.

Should Someone Ever Meet With A Federal Agent In The Absence Of Legal Counsel?

I would say no unless you have the advice of your attorney to meet with those agents without your attorney being present. If the law enforcement agents contact you in regard to meeting with them, you should get their names and telephone numbers and tell them that you have an attorney and you’ll have your attorney contact them.

If Someone Is Being Investigated By Federal Agents, Is It Likely That They Will Be Arrested And Charged With The Crime?

Not necessarily. Federal agents often do a thorough investigation, conducting extensive interviews of witnesses or people that may have evidence or could testify in the case on the government’s behalf. So there is a chance that the federal government would want to interview you or interview someone just to see if they are a possible witness for the case.

What Is A Grand Jury? How Are They Applicable In Feder

A Grand Jury is a group of citizens that are selected to hear cases presented by the United States attorney or government prosecutors, and the job of the grand jury is to decide whether or not probable cause exists for the government to proceed with an investigation and/or charges. The grand jury can also, on their own, conduct an investigation if they think there’s been some type of charge or criminal behavior that they think needs to be investigated.

One big difference in the state of Texas between the state and federal grand jury system is that in the state grand jury system, I can present evidence to the grand jury, such as documents, statements, and evidence, but I cannot go in front of the grand jury. In the federal system, the defense attorney is prohibited from presenting evidence, statements, or any other type of evidence to the grand jury under the federal code of criminal procedure.


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