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Houston Domestic Violence LawyersAn ugly secret of family life is domestic violence. Whether it is due to anger management issues or drug or alcohol-related problems, The Law Office of James Alston Law believes everyone deserves The Best Defense. Domestic violence can include child abuse and neglect, spousal or domestic-partner abuse, or elder abuse.

The Texas Penal Code states that laws for these crimes also cover threats of:

Domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or a serious felony. The consequences can lead to fines, anger management classes, and a sentence of jail or prison time.

Family Violence Defense In Houston

If you or someone you know is being investigate for domestic violence, or charged with domestic violence, you need someone to fight for you who is knowledgeable of the law and experienced in the courtroom. James Alston is a skilled Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer at who can fight for you and defend against the allegations. James Alston is experienced in dealing with family law domestic violence and abuse cases and his goal is to fight for your rights and help reduce or even get your case dismissed.

Why is it imperative to enlist the services of a Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer?

In the context of Houston domestic violence cases, the question arises: Why is it crucial to engage the services of a Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer? The answer lies in a maze of complexities that profoundly affect the accused.

In these cases, even at their least severe, they are classified as class A misdemeanors, bearing significant consequences. An individual may face a potential sentence of up to a year in jail, along with a substantial fine reaching up to $4,000. Yet, this represents merely the surface of the legal ramifications.

A prior conviction for any other offense adds another layer of severity to the punishment, effectively heightening the minimum jail time. It initiates a cascade of legal repercussions capable of altering an individual’s life trajectory drastically. However, the repercussions extend far beyond the legal realm.

Even if someone successfully completes deferred adjudication probation, the specter of past convictions continues to haunt them. This aspect is particularly poignant in domestic violence cases involving family members. Unlike other offenses, the stain of domestic violence/family violence cannot be concealed or expunged through a petition for non-disclosure.

This enduring label persists, shadowing the individual throughout their life, affecting employment prospects, personal relationships, and overall quality of life. The gravity of this issue is undeniable, underscoring the necessity of a skilled Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer who can navigate the legal system’s complexities and strive to mitigate the lasting repercussions of such charges.

In essence, the need for a Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer extends beyond the immediate legal battle, delving into the realm of life-altering consequences. With stakes of such magnitude, seeking experienced legal representation isn’t just advisable—it’s an imperative step toward safeguarding one’s future and reputation.

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