Houston Federal Medical Fraud Attorney


Medical fraud is a very serious crime that costs the government and private insurance companies billions of dollars every year. Studies have shown that the government loses 10 percent of its federally mandated Medicaid money to fraud every year. To battle these losses, the government is eager to fight health care fraud both in the private and public sectors. If you have been charged with medical fraud, it is crucial you speak with a skilled Houston medical fraud attorney as soon as possible.

What Is Medical Fraud?

When someone files a dishonest health care claim, they are committing medical fraud. It doesn’t matter if the person acting deceitfully is a patient, a doctor, a nurse, or anyone else involved in the health care transaction, the act is still fraud. Most people who commit the crime are involved in providing medical care and are attempting to maximize their profits, but occasionally, a person will lie in order to get coverage they are not otherwise entitled to. Our medical fraud defense in Houston, TX can help anyone charged with a medical fraud crime, including:

  • Lying on an insurance application
  • Doctors ordering unnecessary procedures or tests
  • Hospitals billing for services not rendered
  • Using another person’s insurance information
  • Medical organizations filing duplicate billing forms
  • Obtaining more medications than necessary and selling the rest on the black market

When you are convicted of fraud, you may be sent to prison, be forced to pay heavy fines and, if you are a doctor, you may lose your medical license. After you serve your sentence, you will likely be haunted by employment and housing discrimination based on your criminal record.


The numbers don’t lie: most people who are charged with health care fraud are found guilty. Your only chance of beating the grave consequences that accompany a fraud conviction is to work with a top federal criminal defense lawyer with experience in the federal courts. Even if you have not yet been charged but believe you are under investigation for a crime of this nature, James Alston can help preserve your rights during the investigation.