Houston Federal Ambulance Fraud Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with ambulance fraud, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. Prosecutors are giving health care fraud and emergency services fraud a lot of attention these days. It’s reported that EMS and other forms of Medicare fraud are costing the government millions of dollars every year.


Charging the government for services in violation of Medicare, Medicaid, or Obama care standards is a crime. Federal whistleblower laws allow informants to obtain sizable rewards for exposing emergency, hospital, and clinic related theft and abuse by filing a qui tam lawsuit. To be regarded as medically necessary, a billable medical transport must comply with two basic standards in Houston, Texas:

  • Use of another form of transportation was contraindicated by the health of the patient.
  • The patient’s medical condition justified the use of emergency transportation.

The following forms of Medicare claims and EMS services are prohibited under the federal False Claims Act:

  • Unnecessary dialysis transportation
  • Transportation to and from routine medical appointments
  • Upcoding EMS services
  • Billing for supplies or services that weren’t provided
  • Illegal contractual arrangements with medical providers

Medical Vehicle Fraud Penalties

Not only can a Medicaid or Medicare fraud conviction cost a defendant millions of dollars in fines, spending time in prison is a very real possibility. A health care provider can also lose the right to serve Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Unfortunately, many health care providers also end up losing the business that required a lifetime to build in Texas. Finally, a criminal record can make it extremely difficult to earn a living or obtain vital loans, educational opportunities, and security clearances.

Ambulance Fraud Defense

Don’t allow a medical fraud charge or qui tam lawsuit to put you out of business. Remember, you live in America. The prosecution is required to prove the guilt of a defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.


An experienced billing fraud lawyer is accustomed to investigating alleged fraud allegations and protecting the legal rights of criminal defendants. Every criminal case has weaknesses that need to be explored. Knowledge of the law and effective legal representation greatly increases the odds of obtaining a negotiated settlement or declaration of innocence.