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Bank robbery is a federal crime investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you think that you are the subject of an FBI investigation, you need the services of a Houston bank robbery defense attorney who will explain the law and your rights.

Hire a Houston Bank Robbery Lawyer

The FBI and federal prosecutors take bank robbery very seriously and conduct a full and thorough investigation. It is important for you to hire a Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as you think law enforcement has targeted you. James Alston is a board-certified criminal law specialist and a former federal prosecutor who handled federal criminal prosecutions in the Southern District of Texas.

Houston bank robbery attorney James Alston knows how important it is for the defense to begin its investigation as early in the case as possible. Defense attorney James Alston knows the importance of uncovering evidence that is favorable to the defense or casts doubt on the government’s evidence.

What Defense Attorney James Alston Can Do for You

Houston bank robbery prosecutions often rely upon evidence obtained by unlawful searches and seizures by law enforcement officials, or with wiretaps and informants. James Alston uses the experience he acquired as an Assistant United States Attorney and Harris County prosecutor to develop a defense strategy that includes challenges to the prosecution’s evidence.

By aggressively attacking and challenging the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses, the lawyers from the Law Office of James Alston seek to win dismissal or reduction of the charges, or a reduced sentence. From investigation to trial, Houston bank robbery lawyer James Alston is there to explain every stage in the proceedings.

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