Houston Drug Trafficking Lawyer


Defending Drug Trafficking Charges In Houston

Texas Health and Safety Code makes it unlawful for a person to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance listed under Penalty Group 1 (Sec. 481.102).  These drugs include certain kinds of opiates, opium derivatives, and narcotics. Penalties for knowingly manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with the intent to deliver a controlled substance listed in Penalty Group I can result in felony charges.  Maximum penalties allowed under state law increase based on the amount of substance in possession. Additionally, the punishments are increased if a controlled substance listed under Penalty Group I is manufactured in the presence of a child under the age of 18.

Defenses In A Drug Trafficking Case

There are several potential defenses to drug trafficking charges. If you are arrested for manufacturing or distributing a controlled substance prohibited under Texas State law, you need an experienced defense attorney. Without the help of a knowledgeable Houston, TX Drug Defense Lawyer, you may face a significant jail or prison sentence. Contact Attorney James Alston to determine what defenses are applicable in your drug trafficking case.

Attorney James Alston will conduct a thorough, independent investigation to determine if the officers had probable cause for the arrest or violated search and seizure laws. Depending on the circumstances of the case, Mr. Alston may be able to show that you acted under duress in fear for the safety of your life or the life of a loved one. Another defense to drug manufacturing or distribution charges is that the substance was not intended for human consumption.


Houston Criminal Defense Attorney James Alston knows the law.  As a former state and federal prosecutor, he tried thousands of cases.  As an Assistant United States Attorney, he was assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Task Force.  He worked closely with law enforcement learning their investigative techniques. Mr. Alston’s 25-year career has helped him become a skilled litigator.  He knows how to successfully defend drug cases and will always fight hard to get you the outcome you deserve. Contact James Alston Law today at (713) 228-1400 to schedule a consultation. Call today!