General Information

Attorney James Alston is recognized as one of the leading criminal attorneys practicing in Houston. His qualifications are extraordinary, including eight years serving as a prosecutor in the Harris County DA’s Office, followed by years as a federal prosecutor. He has gone beyond the norm in his education and training, achieving board-certification as a specialist in criminal law. He is a talented trial lawyer who engages in advanced investigations in crafting a case for the defense. Read some general information about Texas laws, and the inner workings of the justice system.

What Is An Indictment?

An indictment means you are facing charges for a felony offense. An indictment comes about when a grand jury has been convened, listened to the evidence, and came to the decision that charges should be filed.

What Is The Difference Between A Misdemeanor And A Felony?

The most significant difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is the length of the punishment that could be imposed. Minor offenses with potential jail time up to a year are typically misdemeanors, while penalties over a year are felonies. The most serious felony offense is a first-degree felony, which could lead to life in prison in a conviction.

Is A Plea Bargain A Good Thing?

A plea bargain could be good – or bad. For example, some innocent people accept a plea bargain as they feel it is the safest route. They spend time in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Cases in which a person has a public defender, no matter how dedicated, may accept a plea bargain as the attorney does not have the time or resources to fully investigate the case to reveal evidence that could lead to an acquittal. In other cases, a plea bargain may be positive, as time served will be reduced.


If you become aware that you are under investigation by state or federal law enforcement, it is imperative that you retain a lawyer. You may have received a “target letter” to inform you that you under investigation or were called or contacted by police investigators for an interview. Exercise your right to remain silent.

Many criminal cases end in a conviction based upon defendant interview recordings. Call the Law Offices of James Alston for assistance and refuse to answer any questions until you are protected. If the prosecutor has insufficient evidence, they will attempt to get you to admit to a crime. Remain silent – you have the right.