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Mortgage fraud cases are extremely complex in nature. It is imperative that any person charged with mortgage fraud is protected by counsel who is an experienced Houston mortgage fraud defense attorney. Mortgage fraud charges may be filed against a range of participants in the real estate process. The victim could be a home buyer, involve identity theft, or filed against a bank who issued the loan. No matter who is accused of the mortgage crime or what actions they are accused of taking, mortgage fraud is always performed for either profit or property –and the consequences are serious in a conviction.

Attorney James Alston: Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney in Houston

James Alston brings an exceptional level of experience to the table for clients charged with mortgage crimes. The benefits of legal representation from Mr. Alston include:

  • Served in the Harris County DA’s Office in the Major Fraud Division
  • Formerly served as a U.S. Assistant Attorney
  • Board-Certified in Criminal Law
  • Experience in prosecuting white-collar fraud cases, including mortgage fraud
  • Works directly with you, will not turn your case over to an associate

Mortgage Fraud Defense

Since the great recession of 2008, Federal investigators have been aggressively pursuing those they believe have were engaged in any form of mortgage fraud. At The Law Office of James Alston, our mortgage fraud defense in Houston represents brokers, agents, buyers, sellers and any other persons who have been accused of deceptive mortgage practices, including but not limited to the following criminal accusations:

  • Accepting kickbacks
  • Flipping properties
  • Skimming equity
  • Using a stolen identity to obtain a home or mortgage
  • Using inflated appraisals to acquire overvalued mortgages

Federal Mortgage Fraud Crime Defense

In many cases, the fraud will involve a federally insured bank, making the crime a federal crime. For this reason, it is crucial your defense lawyer is deeply familiar with the processes in both state and federal courts, as these two systems are very different in how they operate, and in the penalties imposed.

Houston criminal defense lawyer James Alston offers experience beyond the ordinary, having served as a federal white-collar crime prosecutor. His insight into how the system operates can be of great benefit in defending your case – call today for help.

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