Houston Federal Sex Crimes Penalties Attorney


Houston criminal defense attorney James Alston knows how sex crimes penalties can alter a person’s personal and professional lives. A conviction can result in imprisonment, public ridicule, and restrictions on employment and housing options. Mr. Alston is committed to aggressively defending the rights of individuals from the effects of sex offender penalties.

Sex Crimes Penalties

According to the Texas Penal Code, the following acts are illegal sexual offenses:

Sex crimes penalties increase when the victim is a child or when a dangerous weapon or controlled substance is used during the commission of the crime.

Sex Offender Sentences

Most Texas sex crimes are felony crimes that remain on an offender’s criminal record for life. Sex crimes involving children include mandatory registration as a sex offender as part of the sentencing requirements. Sex offender information is available to the public through the Internet and includes the offender’s name, current address, conviction information, place of employment, and other personal data.

Actual sex offender sentences vary depending upon the type of offense of which the person is convicted.

Sex crimes involving young children can involve prison sentences from a minimum of 25 years in state prison up to a maximum of 99 years. Judges can also impose mandatory treatment and behavior modification as part of any sentence imposed upon a convicted offender.

Some of the harshest and most severe sex offender penalties are reserved for repeat offenders. Texas law authorizes judges to sentence an offender to life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted of the continuous sexual abuse of a child who is under six years of age.

Defending Against Accusations

Divorce and child custody disputes are situations that frequently give rise to allegations of sexual assault or sexual abuse. It is essential for a person accused of sex crimes to be represented by a Houston sex crimes defense attorney.


A skilled defense lawyer such as James Alston will review the facts and evidence supporting the allegations of sexual misconduct to design a defense strategy that challenges the prosecution’s evidence. Preparing each case as if it is going to trial can uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and lead to a dismissal or a reduction of the charges.