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Defending A Drunk Driving Charge In Los Angeles, CA

Being charged with a DUI does not mean that it is the end of your freedom. Although a DUI is a serious criminal charge, one that can have lifelong consequences, it does not have to be the end. People charged with a DUI can get in touch with a DUI… Read More

Prenatal Medical Malpractice

When a woman becomes pregnant, she needs to take care of herself more than she did prior to pregnancy. A woman will usually seek the help of an OB/GYN that specializes in prenatal care. High-quality prenatal care is vital to ensure that the unborn child is born without any complications… Read More

Law Enforcement Uses Your Cellphone To Spy On You

People are generally surprised at the amount of information law enforcement has gathered about them. With the scandals regarding Facebook and Google’s Data policies, it is no secret how ubiquitous law enforcement surveillance is in our daily lives. However, a large number of people get to find that out the… Read More

What Is Independent Medical Examination And How Does It Affect Your Worker Compensation Claim?

If you have claimed for worker compensation, you need to provide a lot of documentation. Among others, you need to provide a lot of medical documentation. However, sometimes the insurance company or your employer may try to discredit your medical records and request that you take an independent medical examination.… Read More

What To Expect From A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney may help you in a number of ways including: Negotiate a deal between you and the prosecutor. A successful deal or a plea bargain can minimize your possible sentence or remove all or some of the charges against you. Devise a sentencing program suitable for your… Read More

How To Prevent Dog Bite Attacks

Being bitten by a dog is a terrifying experience. Those who suffer attacks often have to go through a lot to overcome their fears. While it is impossible to avoid many dog attacks, there are some situations where exercising caution could help to prevent a serious injury. Comprehending canine body… Read More

Types Of Construction Injuries Sustained On The Job

Even in this economy, millions of Americans are still enjoying the fruits of honest labor. Unfortunately, all these honest laborers are liable to work accidents due to the negligent treatment of business owners, contractors, employers or fellow employees. Such accidents can take a big toll on Americans, especially when it… Read More

Common Causes Of Construction Accidents

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When Doctors Don’t Listen, Patients Can Be Injured or Killed

GREENVILLE, South Carolina. One of the most important things a doctor can do is listen to his or her patients. If you’ve been injured or are suffering from mysterious symptoms, it can be hard to know what information your doctor will need. Some patients don’t experience symptoms right after serious… Read More

What is Workers’ Compensation and Who Does It Cover?

Sadly, injuries at work occur very frequently. Sometimes a worker may get injured because of a co-worker’s or their own negligence, sometimes they may experience an accident and sometimes the injury may occur after years of bad posture, heavy lifting or other repetitive actions. Fortunately, the Workers’ compensation program is… Read More

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