Learn About The Houston, TX Criminal Defense Law Offices of James Alston

The Law Offices of James Alston is a premier criminal defense law firm in Houston, Texas. Our practice areas include state crimes, sex crimes, and federal crimes. James uses his diverse background as a former state and federal prosecutor to inform his defense for his clients.

As a former assistant district attorney, James knows the state legal system in-depth and the tools prosecutors use against the defendant. During his eight-year tenure, James covered various types of misdemeanor and felony offenses.

After his eight years as an assistant district attorney, James worked for the United States Attorney’s Office. There, he prosecuted both national and international organizations as part of the Organized Crime Drug Task Force.

His experience spans from the earliest moments of a case to the trial by jury. With an inside look at how both state and federal agencies handle prosecuting accused criminals, James has developed effective defense tactics to combat the prosecution.

About state crime defense

Our state crime defense covers a wide variety of crimes. We can defend you in drug crimes, weapons charges, cybercrimes, domestic violence, theft and robbery crimes, white-collar crimes, DWI crimes, assault crimes, child abuse, and many other types of state crimes.

One of the top reasons to choose the Law Offices of James Alston is because of the extensive training and certifications James has earned. James is board certified in criminal law. He knows how to investigate a case to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients.

About sex crime defense

The Law Offices of James Alston is your Houston, Texas, resource for charges related to sexual assault, prostitution, child pornography, sexual assault of a child, solicitation, or indecency with a child.

James is a former child abuse prosecutor for the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office. He knows the ins and outs of the legal system when it comes to prosecuting these crimes and can develop a defense for you.

About federal crime defense

When you’re facing federal criminal charges, you need to know that you have the best defense. The Law Offices of James Alston offers defense for healthcare fraud, white-collar crimes, gun and weapon crimes, child pornography and drug crimes.

After serving on the Organized Crime Drug Task Force, James is well-prepared to represent you in your federal crime charges. His experience is invaluable in ensuring you get a fair defense.

What to expect from the criminal defense Law Offices of James Alston

Legal proceedings can be confusing. At the criminal defense Law Offices of James Alston, we ensure you understand the charges you’re facing and what each step of the process looks like. When you work with us, you will never be forced into making decisions you don’t want to make.

We’ll help you understand various legal terms and aspects of your defense, such as what a plea bargain is and how your defense team can use it for your benefit. Even when you’re only under investigation and not yet charged with a crime, we can be an asset to you and help you know what to say and what to allow.

Don’t go it alone if you’re facing legal inquiry or charges. Schedule a consultation or call us today at 713-228-1400 to discuss your case and get to know why we’re the right lawyer to defend you.