Watch Out: Undercover Houston Police Are on Patrol

We’ve all seen the movies – Undercover Cop (hero) Takes Down Big, Bad Gangster (villain) and gets both the girl and the medal. But as with everything in life, the reality is a bit, well – less neatly packaged. Let’s take a look at the role of undercover police and… Read More

Felonies and Misdemeanors: How Are They Different?

Many people have heard the terms “felony” and “misdemeanor.” But what exactly do these terms mean? The difference between the two is an important part of the justice system. Felonies and Misdemeanors: What’s the Difference? In general, these terms are used to categorize types of crimes. Felonies are usually serious… Read More

Prison: How to Survive Your Sentence

Horror stories surrounding prison abound, so it’s not unusual for people to be concerned whenever they receive a jail sentence. The truth is that, while violence inside prisons does happen, it’s much less common than people believe. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for survival, as life behind bars is… Read More

I’m Guilty: Should I Tell My Attorney?

The attorney-client privilege is something that is deeply rooted in our justice system. Despite the fact that attorneys are bound by confidentiality, many clients hesitate to tell their lawyers every detail about their case. Others may fabricate the truth because they fear their attorney will judge them or provide lackluster… Read More

Check Fraud: How to Stay out of Jail

In legal terms, fraud is the act of intentionally deceiving another person with false information or trickery in order to benefit the person committing the fraud. Check fraud is the use of checks to deprive a person, business or bank of money or valuables. Check fraud frequently occurs when a… Read More

Avoid an Embezzlement Conviction with These Defenses

Embezzlement is the illegal practice of taking money or valuables by a person who is responsible for overseeing the money or valuables. This crime is different from simple theft because the person taking the valuables has the legal right to possess and manage the valuables. In order to prove a… Read More

I Impersonated Someone Online: Can the Police Arrest Me?

Laws regarding criminal activities that are carried out on the Internet have had to expand rapidly to keep pace with the growing presence of the web in daily life. Some of these laws deal with a crime known as online impersonation. These days, many people are putting out their own… Read More

Statute of Limitations: You Can Relax This Labor Day Knowing Your Crime Has Expired

The Constitution includes provisions that guarantee a speedy, fair trial to anyone that has been formally charged with a criminal offense. This right was intended to prevent the abuse of legal and judicial power by the court system. The statute of limitations has a similar function, although it is applied… Read More

Take Action Now If the Cops Are Investigating You for Check Fraud?

Using a check to obtain money in an illegal way may be prosecuted as check fraud. This can include activities like writing checks with insufficient funds or forging a check. The penalties for check fraud can range from fines and mandatory restitution to extended jail sentences. The penalties for check… Read More

Insider Trading Investigations: What Every Stock Trader Needs to Know

An allegation of insider trading should be taken seriously. Although the accused trader prevails in the majority of insider trading cases, the process of mounting a successful defense can be daunting. To improve your likelihood of winning, it is a good idea to learn a few details about insider trading… Read More

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