What To Do If You’re Charged In Connection With A Pill Mill In Houston, TX

By law, doctors are the only ones with the power to write a prescription for drugs. Hence, the only way for people to legally get these drugs is through their doctor. But in the 1970s pill mills started to spring up as a way for people to get prescription drugs without a medical exam.

A pill mill is generally a clinic or pharmacy with a doctor that writes these prescriptions and dispenses strong narcotic drugs for non-medical purposes. Because pill mills are such an epidemic, police might label your clinic a pill mill if you have some very normal signs or services. It leaves you in a bad situation, facing charges and seeking a pill mill attorney in Houston, Texas. Here’s how a police officer might label your medical practice a pill mill.

Signs police use of a pill mill

Police believe that pill mills hide in plain sight as any other doctor’s office. Because of previous experience though, certain signs and characteristics can make them investigate your medical practice. These signs include:

  • Prescriptions filled on-site
  • Out-of-state patients welcome
  • No appointment necessary
  • Quick medical exams

The sad part for physicians is that these signs are all ways of providing great service to your patients. Patients want to be able to drop in when they don’t feel well, find a place for care when they are out-of-state and avoid lengthy doctor’s visits.

And because of that, you might find your medical practice in question and need a pill mill attorney to be by your side.

 Facing Houston, Texas, pill mill charges

Getting convicted of operating a pill mill will mean serious fines, jail time and losing your medical license. It will harm your finances, your job prospects and take away your freedom. If you’re facing pill mill charges in Houston, Texas, there are a few steps you should take immediately to protect your good name.

  • From the moment you discover that you are under investigation for a pill mill, be careful how much access you give the police to your practice. It’s best to hire an attorney at the start of the investigation, but even if you don’t, make sure police have a warrant to begin their investigation.
  • Invoke your Fifth Amendment rights and don’t answer any questions until your pill mill attorney is present. As a doctor, you seek to provide care and comfort to individuals in need, but police might misconstrue that information in their search to control prescription drug abuse.
  • Hire a Houston, Texas, pill mill attorney immediately. You don’t want just any criminal defense attorney because pill mills have many nuances to them. Be sure your attorney is experienced in representing individuals facing the same charges as you are.

What to expect from the Law Offices of James Alston

The charges and consequences are severe when it comes to a pill mill. Protect your medical practice and your livelihood by hiring a good pill mill attorney.

At the Law Offices of James Alston, we ensure you understand the charges you’re facing and what each step of the process looks like. When you work with us, you will never be forced into making decisions you don’t want to make.

We’ll help you understand various legal terms and aspects of your defense, such as what a plea bargain is and how your defense team can use it for your benefit. Even when you’re only under investigation and not yet charged with a crime, we can be an asset to you and help you know what to say and what to allow.

Don’t go it alone if you’re facing pill mill charges. Schedule a consultation or call us today at 713-228-1400 to discuss your case and get to know why we’re the right lawyer to defend you.