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Under the Texas Penal Code Title 7, Chapter 34, Section 34.02. (a), a person is committing felony money laundering if found to be engaged in any of the following activities:

  • “(1) acquires or maintains an interest in, conceals, possesses, transfers, or transports the proceeds of criminal activity;
  • (2) conducts, supervises, or facilitates a transaction involving the proceeds of criminal activity;
  • (3) invests, expends, or receives, or offers to invest, expend, or receive, the proceeds of criminal activity or funds that the person believes are the proceeds of criminal activity; or
  • (4) finances or invests or intends to finance or invest funds that the person believes are intended to further the commission of criminal activity.”

The level of the felony charge is based upon the amount of money in the case. A third-degree felony charge will be filed if the value is between $30,000 and $150,000. A second-degree felony charge is filed in cases involving $150,000 up to $300,000, and a first-degree felony is charged in cases involving $300,000 or more. The prison time imposed in first-degree felonies in Texas ranges from 5 to 99 years.

Federal Money Laundering Charges

When the federal government files charges against you for money laundering, the penalties imposed in a conviction can include up to 20 years incarceration in federal prison. The length of prison time imposed is most often a reflection of the amount of money in the case. Your personal assets will be seized. If you discover you are under investigation by the FBI for financial crimes, it is critical that you retain legal representation without delay.

Defending Money Laundering Charges in Houston: Attorney James Alston

Attorney James Alston is among the most respected money laundering attorneys in Houston. He has a 10.0 “Superb” rating on Avvo and is listed as a 2018 Super Lawyer. To defend against charges of money laundering involves establishing that either the funds did not come from a criminal activity, or that you were unaware of the source of the funds.

Board-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law

The first step in protecting your freedom and rights is to ensure you have legal protection who will go the distance for you. James Alston is not your average attorney; he has a background that provides insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system, including:

  • Formerly served as a prosecutor in the Harris County DA’s office
  • Board-certified in the specialty of criminal law
  • Former federal prosecutor
  • Focuses on extensive investigations into the facts to protect his clients accused of money laundering.

Forfeiture: A Penalty You Can’t Afford

All your assets could be seized by the government if you are accused or convicted of the crime of money laundering, including properties, vehicles, jewelry, works of art, and other possessions of value. The wheels of justice, once in motion, could destroy your future. It is imperative that your criminal defense lawyer is highly-skilled, personally motivated, and has the professional resources to craft a compelling case for your defense. Call Attorney James Alston today for help.

Get Help Today.

If you are accused of money laundering, your first step is to contact Attorney James Alston in Houston. Among the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Texas, you can be confident your defense will be in the hands of one of the best money laundering lawyers Houston has to offer.

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