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Any crime that involves the use of the US Postal Service, or electronic communications such as TV, radio, or the internet can result in charges of mail fraud. These charges are filed in federal court, most often just one of several charges related to fraudulent activities. Mail fraud charges are filed if federal investigators believe that:

  • You are guilty of communicating a false promise or statement that was relied upon by the public in an attempt to illegally secure money or property.
  • The false promise or statement was delivered by the USPS or through electronic or digital means.
  • It is believed you were successful in securing property or money as the result of a false promise or statement.

Defending Charges of Mail Fraud

If you are under investigation for mail fraud but not yet charged, it is imperative that you retain legal counsel. The earlier attorney James Alston gets involved in defending you, the better it could be for you. To prove a case against you, federal prosecutors must prove that you had a specific intent to deprive another party of money or property. Proving you had a specific intent is often the most difficult aspect of the prosecutor’s case against you.

While defending against a mail fraud charge may appear difficult, it is important to remember that the prosecutor has the “burden of proof,” and must provide enough supporting evidence to fully establish that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Every detail of your case must be investigated in developing a strategic defense geared to protect you against the risk of conviction and the penalties imposed by the court, typically prison time and fines.

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