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Fraud crimes involve financial or personal gain achieved through some type of deception, often harming another party in the process. Just being accused of fraud can ruin your professional reputation, even if you are completely innocent. If you are under investigation of fraud it is important to contact a Houston fraud defense lawyer with experience and knowledge in white collar crime defense.

Types of Fraud Charges in Houston, Texas

Those charged with fraud come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and income levels. Fraud crime charges may be filed for various types of crimes, in state or federal court, including the following offenses:

Fraud Lawyer Houston

Defense Against Fraud Charges in Houston

Fraud attorney James Alston has a background that can be of great benefit to you if you are facing fraud charges in state or federal court:

  • Served in the Harris County DA’s Office in the Major Fraud Division
  • Former U.S. Assistant Attorney
  • Board-certified in criminal law
  • Experience both prosecuting and defending cases of white collar fraud
  • Works directly with each client – does not turn your case over to an associate
  • Focuses on extensive investigations in defending against fraud crime accusations

Attorney James Alston: Extraordinary Experience and Dedication

Mr. Alston can be trusted to go the distance in defending you against accusations of fraud. The first step is a full review of the facts in your case to establish an effective strategy, which may include:

  • Taking action to try to get some counts dismissed
  • Seeking to reduce charges
  • Pursuing a full case dismissal
  • Presenting a compelling, well-supported case in court that creates reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors

Call the Law Office of James Alston for Help.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a fraud crime at either the state or federal levels, you need legal support to protect your rights and seek to reduce the damage to your life, future, and freedom. Attorney James Alston is a respected, talented criminal defense lawyer with an exceptional level of experience – on both sides.

His former service as a prosecutor for Harris County and as a U.S. Assistant Attorney gives him deep insight into the inner workings of the justice system, how a prosecutor will craft a case, and the strategies that work in defending against fraud accusations. Call today to get help from some of the most highly-qualified fraud attorneys Houston has to offer, and protect your rights and freedom.

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