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Robbery in Texas occurs whenever an individual takes property from another individual while also causing bodily injury in the process. A person can also be charged with robbery whenever he or she makes a threat of force against someone in order to unlawfully obtain goods. If an assault or threat is made against an elderly or disabled individual, the crime is considered an aggravated robbery, which carries harsher penalties.

Penalties for Robbery in Houston

The Texas Penal Code states that some of the punishments for robbery include:

  • Prison time from 2-20 years (robbery)
  • Prison term from five to 99 years (aggravated robbery)
  • Fine of up to $10,000

Penalties for robbery typically become steeper if there are multiple counts involved. Repeat offenders could also be sentenced to more prison time than first-time offenders. If the offense happened while an individual was on probation or parole, there could be additional charges for violating the terms of those agreements. No matter what the situation is, a person who is charged with robbery faces stern consequences and should therefore seek the advice of an experienced Houston attorney.

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The State of Texas considers robbery to be an offense against an individual and therefore aggressively prosecutes robbery cases. Investigators may attempt to badger a defendant into giving a confession whenever they are unsure that there is enough evidence to convict that person. Before you make any statements that might be taken out of context, call attorney James Alston at (713) 228-1400 with the details of your case. Mr. Alston will fight to secure the most successful outcome for the charges filed against you.

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