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In Texas, a violent crime charge is a very serious offense. If convicted, you can be faced with hefty fines, jail time and probation. Due to the serious legal repercussions it is critical to contact an experienced Houston violent crime attorney who can defend and protect your legal rights.

Houston Violent Crime Defense

Houston criminal attorney James Alston has successfully defended numerous individuals accused of violent crime charges. He thoroughly reviews each criminal case and arduously prepares a strong defense. With his knowledge and experience, attorney James Alston aggressively works to reduce your charges or, in some cases, he can have them removed.

Houston criminal attorney James Alston can assist you with any of the following charges:

Contact a Violent Crime Lawyer in Houston

If you or someone you know is faced with a violent crime charge, don’t risk your freedom by not having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Contact Houston criminal attorney James Alston. He will fight to protect your rights and aggressively pursue a favorable outcome.

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