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A parole violation is taken seriously in the State of Texas. A simple mistake or a misunderstanding such as failure to check-in with your parole officer could result in a violation. The consequences of a parole violation could mean revocations and re-imprisonment. If you are accused of violating your parole don’t risk your freedom by not hiring the right attorney. Make sure you speak with an experienced Houston parole violation attorney who understands Texas’ Laws and can defend your rights.

Parole Violation Defense in Houston

At the Law Office of Houston James Alston, we defend individuals who are accused or charged with violating their parole conditions. Our criminal attorney will take time to review the charges, challenge the allegations and mediate to minimize or dismiss the charges against our clients.

The Houston criminal attorneys at the Law office of James Alston can help with any of the following parole violations:

  • Committed a new offense
  • Failure to pass drug test
  • Failure to report to parole officer
  • Failure to pay fines
  • Failure to complete community service
  • And others

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If you are accused of violating any conditions of your parole, it is important to contact a skillful Houston criminal attorney who can defend you and aggressively pursue a favorable outcome. To speak with an experienced Houston attorney, please contact the Law Office of James Alston today. We handle criminal cases in Houston, Texas and any of the surrounding areas. Initial consultations are always FREE and require no commitment of any kind.

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