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Under Texas law, there are five different categories of homicide charges:

  • Capital murder
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Intoxication manslaughter
  • Criminally negligent homicide

Each of these crimes is defined and punished in a distinct manner. The most serious of these, capital murder, is so named because it qualifies for capital punishment. Anyone facing these charges should immediately contact the experienced Houston murder attorney James Alston.

Capital Murder Charge in Houston

Capital murder charges are the most difficult to defend against because they always incorporate another heinous crime. Murder charges that are punishable by death include the murder of a (or during):

A murder may also be a capital offense if the prosecution can prove it involved forethought before the incident.

It Is Crucial to Contact an Experienced Murder Defense Lawyer

If you are facing murder or homicide charges, it is crucial you speak with an experienced Houston criminal attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Office of James Alston, our team will do everything possible to prove your innocence. If evidence against you was obtained illegally, we will have it suppressed from trial. If there is forensic evidence against you, we will work to show that it is inconclusive. We will investigate witnesses against you and work to discredit them. We will work to find evidence to back up everything claimed by witnesses in your favor. When it suits your case, a Houston criminal lawyer will negotiate a winning plea bargain with the prosecutors.

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