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Kidnapping is a serious crime that has grave consequences particularly in Texas. While the charge is always a felony, the specifics of your case will determine if you will be tried in state or federal courts. Because the crime can be handled in both court levels, it is important to always work with a top Houston kidnapping attorney that has experience working in both state and federal courts.

Kidnapping Consequences in Houston

Kidnapping accusations are very serious in the state of Texas. If a kidnapping victim is believed to have been taken over state lines or if they have gone missing for more than 48 hours the FBI will likely get involved with the investigation. These investigators are the cream of the crop and are exceptionally adept at gathering evidence and tracking down suspects. If your case involved the FBI, you will likely be facing a great deal of evidence which is why it is critical that your Houston criminal lawyer is willing to do everything possible to present other evidence in your favor while attempting to prove their evidence is inconclusive.

Although the FBI is quite good at uncovering evidence they are people and are prone to making mistakes. Additionally, they often end up conflicting with the local police department when it comes to investigations. For these reasons, it is very common for the evidence in kidnapping cases to become contaminated or to be illegally obtained. With the help of the Law Office of James Alston, much of the evidence against you may be found inadmissible depending on your situation.

Why Contact a Houston Kidnapping Attorney

In Texas, kidnapping is a third-degree felony punishable by ten years in prison. If the victim was assaulted, threatened, used as a shield or held for ransom, the crime will become a second-degree felony instead. That means you could be facing life imprisonment. These penalties are very serious and should only be fought with an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer.

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