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Many Americans harbor strong feelings against the current federal and state laws regarding marijuana. Unfortunately for these otherwise law-abiding people, the possession, manufacture or sale or marijuana is still unlawful. Drug agents at all levels actively conduct investigations into all kinds of drug violations and typically do not differentiate between marijuana and other illegal drugs. If you are being charged with any kind of marijuana related crime, your livelihood is at significant risk.

Types of Marijuana Charges

Houston marijuana defense attorney James Alston knows that any kind of cannabis arrest or conviction is serious business. Mr. Alston is extremely familiar with the laws governing marijuana and effective defense techniques. He will aggressively protect your rights against these types of charges, including:

Marijuana Defense in Houston

If the government’s attorney has offered a plea deal, it is important to remember that any type of guilty plea, no matter how lenient the punishment may be, is a criminal conviction that will remain on your record for the rest of your life. Along with a permanent record, marijuana convictions may be punished by jail time, probation, counseling, fines or community service. Additionally, the judge will frequently force you to waive your 4th Amendment protection against search and seizure. A drug conviction can negatively affect employment as well.

Attorney James Alston will analyze every detail of your detention and arrest in order to create a custom defense and ensure that your rights are vigorously protected. Frequently, the police will not meet certain minimum standards required for proper search and seizure. If Mr. Alston can show that law enforcement violated your Constitutional rights then any unlawful items that were found may not be admissible in court. Typically this will result in a dismissal of the charges. In the rare case that a conviction is unavoidable, Houston defense attorney James Alston may be able to negotiate sentence requiring probation or treatment in lieu of incarceration.

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