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The State of Texas takes cocaine and crack violations very seriously. Offenses involving these kinds of substances will be accompanied by serious consequences. If you have been arrested for a Houston cocaine charge you should not hesitate to find seasoned legal counsel that will protect your freedom and offer a high level of defense that is required in high stakes cases.

Houston Cocaine Charge Defense

Houston cocaine lawyer James Alston will stand up for those who may face drug charges in Texas. Attorney Alston has extensive legal experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Mr. Alston understands how the State puts their case together and what kind of problems they face when prosecuting drug cases. Our firm also understands that simply because you have been accused of a crime, it doesn’t mean that you are guilty.

Consult with a Houston Cocaine Attorney

Our staff will investigate the allegations against you including your arrest and law enforcement’s collection of evidence. In the event that the police violated your rights, mishandled evidence or obtained a warrant without the proper documentation, Mr. Alston will expose these mistakes and diligently work to have the evidence suppressed. James Alston is an experienced Houston drug attorney and will fight for the ultimate goal of having your charges dropped entirely. Mr. Alston is a seasoned negotiator and can get the state to agree to the minimal sentence possible.

If you are facing Houston cocaine or crack allegations don’t wait to contact an attorney who will be dedicated to defending your freedom and your rights. Attorney James Alston is ready to take on your case and prove to a judge or jury that there is a reasonable doubt you are not guilty of the charges. Contact the Law Office of James Alston today to find out how we can help you resume your life without criminal charges looming over you.

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