Houston Securities Fraud Lawyer


The Texas State Securities Board is charged with enforcing the Texas Securities Act. If convicted of a securities violation under this Act, you can face criminal and civil penalties. The Texas State Securities Board investigates violations such as the “illegal sales of unregistered non-exempt securities, sales of securities by unregistered dealers, and fraud committed in connection with the sale of securities.”

The Texas Securities Act

The Texas Securities Act codifies the legal requirements for all securities in the state and for all firms or individuals who sell securities or who render investment advice. The Act strictly “prohibits fraud in the offer or sale of securities in Texas and the rendering of investment advice.” Securities fraud under the Act includes but is not limited to any:

  • Material misrepresentations
  • Promises made in bad faith
  • Intentional failure to disclose a material fact
  • Ill-gotten gains or exorbitant commissions and fees

Defenses Against Securities Fraud Charges in Texas

If you are charged with committing securities fraud in Texas, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney that can represent you in and out of court. While allegations of fraud can be devastating, there may be defenses in your case. For instance, the Texas Securities Act allows for a number of exempt transactions. If the sale of a security in question falls under an exempt transaction or exempt security listed in the Act, then you may avoid prosecution. Additionally, if you are charged with making a misrepresentation in the sale of a security or when providing investment advice, a leading defense attorney may be able to argue that the misrepresentation was not a relevant fact or was a prediction as to the future that was made honestly and in good faith.

Hire a Knowledgeable Securities Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with securities fraud in Texas, your entire future could be at risk. The Texas State Securities Board has the right to enforce criminal and civil penalties, including revocation of your professional license. You cannot afford to lose your career and your freedom over a misunderstanding. Contact James Alston Law today for a consultation at (713) 228-1400. Attorney James Alston is a former state and federal prosecutor that understands what it takes to win cases. He is a skilled litigator and board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Do not wait until it is too late. Call to get your case started today.