Houston Federal Illegal Online Gambling Attorney


Online gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the Internet. Online casinos offer a vast array of games with the possibility of winning large prizes. However, Internet casinos and online gambling are not legal in all states. Also, some states have restrictions on the types of games that can be played and the types of prizes that players are eligible to win. Internet gambling laws are relatively new and can be difficult to understand. That is why consulting with an experienced illegal online gambling attorney is essential for protecting one’s privacy and rights when gambling online.

Who Should Hire An Illegal Internet Gambling Lawyer?

There are two types of people who are primarily interested in online gambling laws. First, the players who use Internet casinos and gaming sites should fully understand the rules and regulations governing their activities. There are both state and federal laws that apply to this type of gambling, and the specific provisions can vary by location. Because Internet gambling is relatively new, there may not be laws that apply to online gaming specifically. In these cases, state and local laws that apply to more traditional forms of gambling should be followed. A Houston illegal online gambling lawyer can fully explain these statutes in detail. The second type of person who should understand the laws of Internet gambling is a person who wishes to host and run an Internet casino or gambling website.

Laws That Are Related To Internet Gambling

There are three specific areas of law that may apply to an individual in this case:

  • State and local gambling laws: Each state has different rules about gambling. Some states may allow offline gambling, but outlaw online casinos. Others ban gambling completely. These laws must be understood before opening an online gambling website.
  • Federal gambling lawsThe federal government has its own laws concerning gambling. Although federal regulations about Internet gambling are not always clear, they may still take precedent over existing state laws in some instances.
  • The Wire Wager Act: This act may be used to prosecute players or hosts of online gambling. Whether or not the potential for prosecution exists depends on the individual facts and circumstances of each case. An attorney who has experience with the Wire Wager Act can help to make sense of this rule and its provisions.


With proper preparation, many people can derive a great deal of enjoyment, and even financial gain, from online gambling. To be on the safe side, anyone concerned about online gambling legislation should consult with a knowledgeable Internet gambling lawyer. This consultation should be made before any gaming sites are used or developed. For additional information, schedule an appointment with James Alston.