Child Pornography Law: When Your Internet Browsing Becomes Illegal

Even if you never download child porn, you could still be charged and convicted. What you view and search for on the internet can make you subject to police questioning. It is important to understand child pornography law in Houston Texas, as it carries severe penalties.

If you’ve been charged with child pornography charges, you should contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. The Law Offices of James Alston can help defend against your charges and fight for your rights and liberty. Call today at (713) 228-1400.

What could count as a child porn violation?

Children ages 17 and younger who are photographed as pornography is considered child porn. Remember that even if the child looks older than 17, such photography is still considered child porn. You should be very careful about your internet browsing habits to avoid being charged with a child pornography crime under Texas law.

Searching for Child Porn But Never Viewing

Even if you never view child porn but you’ve searched for it on your computer, you could be charged with child pornography. While you might believe that you can hide your searches and viewing history through clearing your browsing history, you should know that the information is still cached for a certain time period.

Accidentally Finding Child Porn

Adult pornography is not illegal, which means you could stumble upon child porn by accident while seeking online adult entertainment. In those cases, the violation could be on behalf of the porn website that did not legally gather their content.

Your Search History Might Look Suspicious

In their efforts to prove child porn violations, law enforcement might call into question your previous search history. There are related searches to child pornography that might seem harmless to you, but can help the prosecution prove your intent. Because the problem of child pornography is so rampant, law enforcement pursues violations heavily and looks for any way to convict individuals that they suspect in the slightest.

Building a Defense Against Child Pornography Charges

You might need a child pornography defense lawyer if you are charged with any of the following:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution or promotion of child pornography
  • Receiving child pornography
  • Possessing obscene material involving minors
  • Soliciting a minor on the internet

At the law offices of James Alston, we’ll look at various aspects of your case to build your defense. These aspects might include:

  • How law enforcement obtained their evidence against you. There are protocols they must follow and if they violate them, you could win your case.
  • The device on which law enforcement found the material. If it’s a shared device, there can be questions as to who is actually at fault for the child porn.
  • Your intent as to whether you knowingly viewed or downloaded the material in question. There are scenarios where hackers place malicious material on your laptop or you stumble upon the information by mistake.
  • An evaluation of the network used to obtain the material. If it was an unsecured or shared network, we can call into question whether or not you’re intended to view the material of if it was somehow placed there while on the unsecured network.

What to Expect from the Law Offices of James Alston

Legal proceedings can be confusing. At the Law Offices of James Alston, we ensure you understand the child pornography charges you’re facing and what each step of the process looks like. When you work with us, you will never be forced into making decisions you don’t want to make.

We’ll help you understand various legal terms and aspects of your defense, such as what a plea bargain is and how your defense team can use it for your benefit. Even when you’re only under investigation and not yet charged with a crime, we can be an asset to you and help you know what to say and what to allow.

Don’t go it alone if you’re facing child pornography charges. Schedule a consultation or call us today at 713-228-1400 to discuss your case and get to know why we’re the right lawyer to defend you.