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A charge of criminal conspiracy may be filed against you if Texas state or federal investigators believe you have entered into an agreement with another person to commit a felony offense. The prosecutor in the case must establish that not only did you enter into this agreement, but you acted in a manner that furthered that agreement. The charges can be filed as an additional offense in cases of drug crimes, financial crimes, and a range of other criminal acts.

Penalties for Criminal Conspiracy in Texas

The penalties imposed in conviction reflect the felony which was the basis of the conspiracy. The penalties are less than what will be imposed for the crime for which you are accused of being a conspirator. Under Texas law, you could be facing years of incarceration, based upon the facts in your case. Your first and most critical action must be to engage the services of a highly-qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer. Negotiations on your behalf in the early stages of a case can be beneficial to the final outcome.

Penalties for Federal Conspiracy

Under 18 U.S. Code § 371, when two or more individuals conspire to commit a crime against the United States, or to defraud any section of the government, and then take some action in this effort, each person involved will be charged with conspiracy. In a conviction, both fines and prison time are imposed. The time spent in federal prison will be not more than five years, usually added to the sentence for the original crime. For misdemeanor conspiracy charges, the sentence will be less, but has some extreme consequences to your personal and professional life.

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