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Medical professionals often come under scrutiny of the DEA or FBI, accused of over-prescribing painkillers. Attorney James Alston Served formerly served in the Harris County DA’s office, and as a federal prosecutor, and is board-certified in criminal law. In a case involving accusations that your practice is a “pill mill,” you need help from a high-quality defense lawyer to protect your rights and your ability to continue to practice medicine.

Why Choose James Alston to Defend Against a Pill Mill Charge?

If you are under investigation in a pill mill case, it is imperative that you have legal protection in the early stages of the case. Any interview with federal law enforcement should be conducted with your attorney present, as these interviews are often fishing expeditions that must be managed with extreme care.

The opioid drug crisis in the USA has brought many innocent medical professionals under attack, particularly those involved in treating patients suffering from chronic pain. Attorney James Alston is recognized as a talented federal criminal defense lawyer who has the experience, insight, and skill to protect your rights, your ability to practice medicine, and your reputation.

Prescription Drug Case Defense for Medical Professionals

The DEA is interested in investigating medical doctors who consistently prescribe a high volume of Schedule II painkillers, including:

  • Fentanyl
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Other opioid medications

Defending a Pill Mill Case: The Strategy

Medical professionals treating patients with chronic pain are put in a difficult position in the current culture. While every prescription may be completely valid and legitimate, the physician is flagged for investigation by the DEA, based upon quantity of prescriptions. An investigation is the first step in a very frightening and difficult legal situation. Your prescription records will be obtained and reviewed.

In the early stages of an investigation, it could not be more critical that you have legal representation to manage every detail. Attorney James Alston is a “hands-on” legal professional – you will be working directly with him, not an associate. His exceptional success as a criminal defense lawyer is based upon his experience as a federal prosecutor and a focus upon extensive investigations to reveal the truth and protect his clients.

Contact the Law Office of James Alston for Help.

If you are under investigation by the DEA in a pill mill case, immediately contact the Law Office of James Alston for legal protection you can trust to protect your rights and defend you against charges related to over-prescribing opioid medications. Your future will depend upon the talents and skills of your defense lawyer – as a former federal prosecutor, there are few more qualified to protect you. Call now.

  • Former US attorney and federal Prosecutor
  • Board-certified in criminal law
  • Much of his practice is federal crimes, white collar fraud, drug, sex trafficking etc.
  • Hands-on attorney, will work with you directly, not an associate
  • Focuses on extensive investigations to reveal the truth and protect his clients
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