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A great deal of federal law enforcement is focused upon curbing the tide of illegal immigration, including identifying, arresting, and prosecuting those who are involved in alien smuggling. Alien smuggling is prohibited under federal law, and includes actions such as:

  • Transporting an illegal alien into the USA.
  • Moving an illegal alien or group of aliens within the USA.
  • Harboring or concealing an illegal alien within the USA.
  • Encouraging an illegal alien to enter the USA.

Federal Defense Lawyer for Alien Smuggling Charges in Houston

If you are accused of attempting to smuggle an undocumented person or persons into the USA, you are at risk of losing your freedom and spending years in federal prison. It is imperative that you retain a powerful, talented, and experienced federal crime defense lawyer immediately. In the current legal environment, you can expect your case to be aggressively prosecuted. Attorney James Alston brings impressive credentials to the table to assist you, including:

  • Served in the Harris County DA’s office
  • Former US attorney and federal prosecutor
  • He is board-certified in criminal law
  • His practice is focused on federal crime defense, including alien smuggling
  • He is a hands-on attorney, who works with you directly – he will not turn your case over to an associate
  • He undertakes extensive investigations to reveal the truth and protect the rights and freedoms of his clients

Penalties for Alien Smuggling

  • Bringing an illegal alien into the USA: 10 years in federal prison
  • Moving or harboring an illegal alien (for profit): 10 years in federal prison
  • Moving or harboring an illegal alien (not for profit): 5 years in federal prison

Defending Charges of Alien Smuggling in Houston: Attorney James Alston

The consequences of a conviction in a charge of alien smuggling are very serious. Your defense must be effective, provide supporting evidence to counter the government’s charges, along with witness accounts of what actually occurred. The government will carefully select who they put on the stand to attempt to prove your guilt.

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