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What Is The Best Advice For Someone Facing A Federal Charge?

The best advice, if you’re facing a federal charge, is to research and get a lawyer as soon as possible. Following up on that advice is to make sure that that lawyer has experience in federal court, in defending federal cases and specifically defending the type of federal charge that the person is charged with or is being investigated for.

If I’m Under Federal Investigation But Am Innocent, Should I Still Retain An Attorney?

It’s better to have an advocate that has experience with the federal system, federal agents and federal prosecutors to argue and work on your behalf to demonstrate to the government and those prosecutors and agents that you have not committed anything wrong and that you should not be charged in that case.

Can Any Attorney Handle A Federal Criminal Court Proceeding?

Each federal court requires attorneys to be licensed in that federal court. For instance, Texas has four federal jurisdictions: the northern district, the southern district, the western district and the eastern district. So to practice in any or all of those districts, you have to be licensed in that district, which is a process in regard to showing that you’re a lawyer in good standing with the state that you’re licensed in, and often you have to provide letters of reference from attorneys who are already licensed in that jurisdiction.

Is There Any Way That A Federal Charge Might Be Reduced To A State Level Charge?

It is a possibility, but it is rare for a federal charge to be reduced to a state charge. Most often, someone can be charged in state court, and then the charge is upgraded or moved into the federal system.

Why Is A State Level Charge Typically Enhanced To A Federal Charge?

Often, for example, in a drug case or maybe a robbery, the case is initially filed in the state court because the federal government needs to further their investigation. They will file the case in state court until the federal investigation is complete.

What is The Criteria Of Determination That A Crime Be Tried And Prosecuted At The Federal Level?

Very often it’s the agency that’s investigating the crime in regard to it being a state agency or a local police agency as opposed to a federal agency. It can also depend on if the federal investigation is ongoing, and maybe they do not want to expose aspects of their federal investigation, so they will file a couple of charges in state court. Once that federal investigation is complete, then they will move all of the state cases into federal court.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Federal Criminal Cases?

I was a federal prosecutor for four years. I’ve had experience prosecuting and defending all types of federal cases. I have appeared in front of every federal judge in Houston, and I handle a lot of federal cases now, from healthcare fraud, drug cases and child pornography cases to wire fraud, bank fraud and firearm cases in federal court.

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