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Counterfeiting involves the use of monetary instruments for illegal financial gain. Counterfeiting currency can be filed under a variety of federal and state laws. Preparing an effective defense against counterfeiting or forgery charges requires the expertise of a knowledgeable Houston white-collar crimes lawyer.

To be Charged With Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting crimes can fall within a number of legal categories. Many modern technologies, including a growing selection of sophisticated publishing and printing products, have made it a good deal easier to create convincing fake financial instruments. The following activities are subject to prosecution by state or federal authorities:

  • False checking accounts: Counterfeit currency charges can be filed for printing or knowingly using checks related to a phantom bank account. A fake check typically includes the name and logo of a legitimate banking institution as well as realistic account and routing numbers.
  • Altering checks: Counterfeiters wash real checks for the purpose of changing or altering vital information.
  • Trademark counterfeiting: Using a protected trademark that is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or the state of Texas without permission is a counterfeiting offense.
  • Fake inspection certificate: Displaying a fake Texas vehicle inspection certificate to deceive law enforcement officials is illegal.

Consult With a Counterfeit Bills Lawyer in Houston, TX

All white-collar crimes deserve the attention of a veteran fraud defense lawyer. A successful defense strategy demands specialized legal knowledge. Extensive jury trial experience is also important because it may be necessary to convince a jury that the defendant did not possess the requisite know-how that is necessary to create deceptive documents or currency.

Houston defense attorney James Alston has an exceptional record of successfully defending clients who have been charged with counterfeiting and other white-collar criminal offenses.

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