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A non-violent crime that involves dishonesty or deception for financial gains is considered a white collar crime. Such criminal behavior includes various types of fraud, embezzlement and computer crimes. The consequences of being convicted of a white collar crime could include an automatic jail sentence, hefty fines, criminal forfeiture and restitution. If you are under investigation or have been charged with a white collar crime in Texas, you will need the help of an experienced Houston white collar attorney who understands the criminal law system and can protect your rights.

Defending White Collar Crimes

The Law Office of James Alston has successfully represented individuals accused and charged with white collar offenses throughout Texas. With the help of his legal team, Mr. Alston will investigate your case, examine the evidence, and formulate a strong and effective defense to help minimize the charges against you.

The following is a list of possible state and federal white collar crime offenses:

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