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The Law Office of James Alston is committed to defending you against any type of federal criminal charge in any Federal District Court.

As an Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Alston represented the United States in criminal matters in the Southern District of Texas which includes Houston, Victoria, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo and Brownsville.

He was responsible for prosecuting public corruption and drug trafficking cases.

Federal Crime Experience

While assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Task Force, Mr. Alston investigated and prosecuted national and international drug organizations. Mr. Alston has extensive experience and training in federal law enforcement investigative techniques including:

  • Confidential informants
  • Title III wire intercepts (telephone taps)
  • Cell site tracking devices
  • Surveillance

As an Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Alston prosecuted numerous federal cases from the initial stages of investigation through jury trial.

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